5 Nintendo Switch games in my watchlist

As a casual gamer, I like to have a good mix of newly launched games and existing games in my repository. 

With so many games being released constantly, I tend to miss out on a few good ones here and there. For such titles, I tend to put them under my Wish List and grab them if they go on sale.

Here’re 5 Nintendo Switch games on my watchlist currently:

1) Hades

Hades is a rougelike dungeon crawler where you hack-and-slash across levels as Zagreus, the prince of the underworld. Your aim is to escape the underworld and defeat the gods of Olympus. 

As a rougelike game, I expect Hades to have a certain level of difficulty (and frustration) with its randomized levels and permanent death.

However, I’ve also read raving reviews about the story and well-written dialogue. 

The game play looks interesting with a 3D map instead of being a 2D side-scrolling styled game:

The voiceover sounds good too.

The good news is that its price has been on the downtrend, so I can probably grab it at the next summer sales:

Hades was released on 17 September 2020 and has a rating of 93 on Metacritic.

(update! I finally bought Hades on Steam and am loving it, will share my thoughts once I can put my controller down)

2) No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky had a successful launch which later crashed and burned as the game didn’t meet player’s expectations. However, the developers at Hello Games have continued to build the game, releasing several updates since its launch in 2022.

Since the release of its updates, the game has steadily grown in popularity. The developers continue to work on it. The price has been on a slow increase due to the amount of work being put into the updates. However, there are periods where the game goes on sales:

No Man’s Sky was released on 7 October 2022 and has a rating of 83 on Metacritic.

And the world just looks stunning, I mean, take a look at this:

Source: No Man’s Sky

3) Celeste

Celeste is a run-and-jump kind of 2D platformer game where you play Madeline who aims to climb Celeste Mountain. 

Celeste has a strong fandom and has received a free ‘Farewell’ expansion with a new chapter to the game.

Although the game cover looks beautiful, Celeste is known to be difficult, with a pixel art focused gameplay and is often compared with 2D Super Mario games. Its story also seems to stand out, although I haven’t read too much about it for fear of spoiling it before I get my hands on the game.

Given its age, I’m not surprised that its price is on the decline, interspersed with various sales periods:

Celeste was released on 25 Jan 2018 and has a rating of 92 on Metacritic.

4) Hollow Knight

Another 2D action adventure, Metroidvania game, Hollow Knight is said to take quite a good bit of mechanics from Dark Souls, but with manageable difficulty that makes it fun even for the casual gamer.

You play as the Knight, a warrior who explores Hallownest, the kingdom that’s plagued by a disease known as “the infection”.

The game art looks nice:

Hollow Knight’s price has also been on the downtrend, and I only found out that I had just missed its latest sale, at the time of writing.

Hollow Knight was released on 12 June 2018 and has a rating of 90 on Metacritic.

5) Dredge

Dredge is the newest game on my list as it was released most recently. It is a single-player fishing adventure/horror game where you get to manage your boat, fish and sell your catch.

Alas, there’re more than just fish lying in the open seas. 

As it has just been released, its price history has been relatively stable:

Dredge was released on 30 March 2023 and has a rating of 83 on Metacritic.

At the point of publishing, Dredge is on sales on Steam and I’m itching to add it to my already-too-large game library ><

[Update] I finally caved and got Dredge on my Nintendo Switch during the latest sale. #noregrets

Despite its horror theme, Dredge is a great cozy game to chill with when its raining outside.

What are some games on your watch list? Share them below!

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