Best Free-to-Play Games for the Nintendo Switch

While there’s no free lunch in the world, there are definitely free-to-play games that are worth your time. If you are waiting for the next AAA game to be released and don’t want to spend moolah to have fun, this article would be for you. 

The prerequisites for making this list are:

  • Free-to-play
  • Full games only
  • Available on the Nintendo eShop
  • No Nintendo Switch Online membership required

Here’s my pick of the best free-to-play games on the Nintendo Switch:

Best Free-to-Play Games for the Nintendo Switch

1) Fall Guys

Fall guys is the free massive multiplayer battle royale game by Mediatonic that has captured the attention of gamers around the world. You control cute jelly bean characters and race to complete obstacle courses.

It is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop and the best part is that you don’t require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to run around obstacle courses with up to 60 players around the world.

Fall Guys is free for all, meaning you can also get it on Playstation, Xbox and in the Epic Games store. And you can now link all your accounts via your Epic Games account so that you can continue playing on any platform you wish to.

Fall Guys is unassumingly addictive with a variety of obstacles that will keep you entertained. Free play allows you to level up during the season to unlock new tiers as you play. 

2) Fortnite

Fortnite is another popular free-to-play massive multiplayer battle royale in the form of a first player shooting game. Your goal is to survive the round against 99 other players.

The game is available for download on the Nintendo Switch eShop and you don’t require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play Fortnite online. 

As with most free games, there’s a battle pass for each season in Fortnite and you can level up the battle pass by completing a range of challenges.

3) Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla as its name suggests is a fighting game. It is developed by Blue Mammoth Games and is free-to-play on the Nintendo Switch as well. You do not need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play Brawlhalla online.

If you like fighting games but are not into massive multiplayer setups, Brawlhalla offers a smaller fighting ground. You can choose to play 1 vs 1s up to 4 vs 4. You can also play locally with up to 7 other friends.

You get to choose from 50+ characters and your aim would be to push your opponents out of the map using the abilities of your characters.

4) Asphalt 9: Legends

If battle royales or fighting games are not your thing, give Asphalt 9 a go. This is a multiplayer racing game where you can own a garage of cars and race in real life locations.

You can also join a club to team up with other players which would allow you to unlock more rewards. Asphalt 9: Legends doesn’t require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to enjoy its online play or the clubs social features.

5) Dauntless

Don’t like fighting or racing? What about a co-op cross platform, massively multiplayer hunting action RPG? 

Dauntless is an online hunting game that is reminiscent of the popular Monster Hunter series where you can team up with up to 3 other players (or choose to go solo) to take down monsters called Behemoths.

You can customize your avatar and choose from 7 weapons to take down different Behemoths, offering a good range of gameplays across a selection of worlds.

The games I’ve mentioned so far can also be found on other platforms. If you’re looking for game recommendations that are from the Nintendo ecosystem, the next few would be for you!

6) Pokémon Unite

If you love the Pokémon series but don’t have access to the Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can still enjoy some Pokémon fun with this free-to-play game.

In Pokémon Unite, you’ll take part in 5-on-5 team battles. The gameplay takes inspiration from  multiplayer online battle arena games like Mobile Legends, but with the usual Pokémon features like leveling up and evolving your Pokémon and more.

The game even has its own championship series that you can go all out in, and aim to be the best Pokemon trainer ever:

7) Pokémon Café ReMix

Pokémon Café ReMix is a free-to-play puzzle game where you get to build your own Pokémon cafe. You’ll be solving puzzles, recruiting Pokemon to help you in your cafe and more.

This game was originally a mobile game which was later port over to the Nintendo Switch. The puzzles are touch-based and Pokémon Cafe ReMix is only available on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

And instead of battling with Pokemon, you get to serve them as your customers. I’ve got to say, these are some of the cutest customers you’ll ever serve. 

If you’re in the mood for some quick puzzle games, this free-to-play Pokémon game is a good option. Although I’ve got to say, it feels pretty weird to play this mobile game on the Nintendo Switch because the gameplay fully rely on your touch screen.

8) Ninjala

Ninjala is an online multiplayer action battle game where you combat as ninjas while using bubbles and a range of weapons to battle against in a round of up to 8 players. 

There are 8 playable, beautifully designed characters with their own backstories. As ninjas with the ability to blow bubbles, you can creatively make use of your environment, jumping across buildings, disguising yourself as a random item to hide from your opponent and more. 

The Ninjala series is so popular they even made a spin-off anime that already has 65 episodes and is still running at the point of writing.

Which free-to-play Nintendo Switch game would you download now?

While the Nintendo Switch is known for its AAA games like The Legend of Zelda series, Pokemon and more, it offers a variety of exciting free-to-play games, providing hours of entertainment without costing a penny. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, there’s a game for everyone.

I’ve listed the best free-to-play games on Nintendo Switch above. You should note that while all these games are free-to-play, there may be microtransactions in-game for various upgrades or season passes.

The games I’ve selected here do not require any payment for the full game experience, you can play for free and still enjoy the games and there aren’t strong pay-to-win elements.

Let me know which one you’d be downloading today!

And if there are free-to-play games that should be on this list, do let me know in the comments below too!




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