Best Pokémon Fan Games

Done with Pokémon Scarlet or Violet and the latest DLC, but still want more? Here’re the best Pokemon Fan Games that’ll deliver hours of fun while we wait for Nintendo to release new games.

How I chose these Pokemon Fan Games

There are countless Pokemon fan games out there, its really a bottomless rabbit hole. I definitely have not played all the fan games available, that’s just not possible. Here, I rank my pick of the Best Pokémon Fan Games based on a mix of originality, strong storyline and fun gameplay.

For my list of the Best Pokémon Fan Games, I’ve only included Pokemon fan made games that were made from scratch. Many of these can be enjoyed on your PC (and occasionally on Mac). Go here for the best Pokemon rom hacks instead.

p.s. i personally don’t enjoy Pokemon as an MMO game, so there’re none in this list. If you are into those, you can jump into the rabbit hole with PokeMMO or Pokemon Indigo.

Without further ado, let’s get into the Best Pokemon Fan Games!

1) Pokémon Xenoverse

Why play this?: A polished fan game with a strong storyline and insane production value.

You play as a Pokemon Trainer who is on a journey to discover the mystery of your missing father. Along the way, you get to explore an alternative dimension and meet new X species Pokemon.

Pokemon Xenoverse is an Italian fan game that has been translated into English. The developers have also released more content include a DLC that extends that game after you’ve completed the main story.

The graphics and sprite work are well designed, resulting in a visually pleasing game. And the music is pretty impressive too!

Also, this was the top game recommended by viewers of my original TikTok list.

The team behind Pokemon Xenoverse are now working on LumenTales which is now on wishlist on Steam.

  • 🎮Play on: Windows

2) Pokémon Reborn

Why play this?: A lot of content! More mature themes fit for older Pokemon fans and greater difficulty.

Want a Pokemon game that you can play for a long time? Pokemon Reborn might be it.

Pokemon is known for its post-game playability and this fan-made game brings that to the next level. Experience a massive world, a new terrain system with Field effects that adds on another layer of strategy in battle and more. There will also be ‘mature’ themes like a terrorist attack, legit evil masterminds and more in the plot.

I thought Pokemon Unbound was a long game until I got into Pokemon Reborn. Be prepared to sink in at least 109 hours to play through the main story of this Pokemon Emerald inspired fan game. But those 109 hours could be the best hours of your Pokemon gaming experience.

  • Has Pokemon up to Gen 7
  • 🎮Play on: Windows, Mac, Android (via Joiplay)

3) Pokémon This Gym of Mine

Why play this?: Find out what it’s like operating your own Pokemon Gym!

You take over a gym when the previous Gym Leader ran off. You get to choose your gym type, build up your best team and fight random trainers who arrive and challenge you for a badge.

But as you soon find out, gym leaders do more than just chilling around waiting for challengers. You need to keep the city safe and also earn enough moolah to keep your gym running.

Tough life. But its a fun life. And a refreshing take on Pokemon games. I hope the developer continues to add more content over time.

  • 🎮Play on: Windows

4) Pokémon Ultralite

Why play this?: Pokemon + Rougelite with a storyline + Fakemons + Minigames!

Newly released in Aug 2023, Pokemon Ultralite is a rougelite game that sets itself up as a prequel to Pokemon Sun & Moon, with events taking place 300 years before the original game’s story.

You play as a new Ultra Recon Squad member who has to go on missions (aka runs) to save the ultra space. Right off the bat, you get to choose from three starting Pokemon, of which two are original creations.

Every mission is randomized with various Pokemon to beat.

If you like rougelites, you have to play Pokemon Emerald Rouge, the best Pokemon rougelite rom hack in my opinion.

  • 🎮Play on: Windows

5) Pokémon Pathways

Why play this?: Make decisions that will change how the story unfolds.

If you like visual novel games, choose your own adventure games or simulation games AND Pokemon battles, then this is an interesting Pokemon fan game to have a go.

First released in 2021, Pokemon Pathways has undergone various updates and is fairly polished currently, with an update released in November 2023.

It starts off strong with a foreboding scene of a scary looking Pokemon killing your mom🥲 Your decisions in the dialogue affect your ‘aura’ which then affects your reputation and stats.

There’s an energy ‘gauge’ that limits the number of actions you can do in a day. You’re expected to go to school and maintain your grades. And you are only able to save the game when you sleep or visit Pokemon Centers (reminds me of Stardew Valley).

Overall a fun and refreshing take on Pokemon. The story is pretty interesting and the possibilities increase the replayability of the game too.

  • 🎮Play on: Windows

6) Pokémon Insurgence

Why play this?: Expect an original plot, region and a whole new variant of Pokemon to catch. Plus, there are new Mega Evolutions.

Explore the Torren Region and discover the brand new Delta Pokemon, Armored Pokemon and it brings back the Secret Base!

You start off as a hapless kid who will be sacrificed by a cult. You can’t remember how you ended in that plight, but Mew saves you. And there, you begin your journey as a Pokemon trainer.

For those who want to play with friends, Pokémon Insurgence allows online trading. Join their discord and discover a whole community of Pokemon gamers like you.

  • Has Pokemon up to Gen 6
  • 🎮Play on: Windows, Mac

7) The First Journey and Red’s Journey West

Why play this?: Play as the young Professor Oak. Plus, there’s 2 adventures in 1!

This was my very first Pokemon Fan Game and my inauguration into the world of fan game and rom hacks. Hence it is highly memorable (for me). I usually recommend The First Journey and Pokemon Unbound to Pokemon lovers who are new to fan games.

Experience Professor Oak’s journey across Kanto as a young trainer attempting to establish the first Pokemon League. Then take on Red’s journey through Johto as he recovers and becomes stronger after his loss to Ethan.

The developer is still actively engaging with players and had released an update in Dec 2023 to fix some bugs. The team is also working on a sequel to The First Journey. That’s something I’m definitely looking out for!

  • 🎮Play on: Windows, Mac, Android (Joiplay)

8) Pokémon Infinite Fusion

Why play this?: What if you could fuse different Pokemon together? Find out in this fan game!

If you’re looking for a Pokemon game that lets you ‘create’ a seemingly endless range of Pokemon, this is it.

That’s not all, Infinite Fusion comes with a storyline that delivers. Although you’re out to stop Team Rocket again, you’ll find a more compelling enemy in this fan game than the comparatively childish Team Rocket in the original games. The difficulty here is manageable too, so its great for casual players too.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion includes all Pokemon from Gen 1 – 2 and selected ones from Gen 3 – 7. But that’s not all, you get to discover over 176000+ combinations of Pokemon!

There’s a strong community behind Infinite Fusion who contribute beautiful fusion sprites that made the game even more popular.

  • 🎮Play on: Windows, Mac, Android (Joiplay)

11) Pokémon Flux

Why play this?: Experience new league structure (no gyms) and explore new battle mechanics instead.

If you want an original Pokemon Fan Game, Pokemon Flux delivers a pretty impressive experience. For those who like to play with other Pokemon trainers, Flux has online features for trading, battling and more.

Explore Altera where powered up “Alter Pokemon” exists. This fan-made game lets you catch new Pokemon, experience a different league structure and enjoy new battle mechanics with Flux moves and Alter Battles.

Pokemon Flux is developed by the team that made Pokemon Uranium, the famous fan made game that was banned after Nintendo sent them a cease and desist.

  • 🎮Play on: Windows, Mac

12) Pokémon Infinity

Why play this?: Brand new experience that feels like it belongs in the original line of games.

In Pokemon Infinity, you’ll explore a new region with a long list of Pokemon to catch. Plus, encounter a new variant of Pokemon; Delta species as well as new Mega Evolutions.

You start off as an amnestic trainer on a mysterious island. There, you’ll catch Pokemon, do battles and try to regain your memories. Experience a dynamic weather system and loads of post-game content.

While Infinity offers three difficulty levels, you’ll need to rely on your knowledge of type matchup and move sets during the gameplay.

  • Has Pokemon up to Gen 6 with 100+ original Pokemon.
  • 🎮Play on: Windows, Mac

13) PokeWilds

Why play this?: PokeWilds is a procedurally generated sandbox Pokemon fan game! Imagine Pokemon X Minecraft X Terraria.

This sandbox Pokemon fan game uses Gen 2 game graphics, delivering a retro feel while offering a novel gameplay. As a sandbox game, you get to gather large worlds with different biomes, gather resources, build your base, catch Pokemon through a variety of methods including stealing eggs and more.

That said, PokeWilds has a story line, you’ll attempt to uncover the mystery of why you are stuck in the wilderness alone along the way.

  • 🎮Play on: Windows

14) Pokémon Bushido

USP: Play as a samurai Pokemon trainer.

Pokemon reimaged as ancient Japan.

In Pokemon Bushido, you can expect new battle animations, collect Katanas instead of HMs, face off trainers from other clans and explore a fan-made story. Warning, battles are said to be challenging.

You play as a Pokemon trainer in the Aisho region where each village is protected by a different clan. The Akui Clan has experimented with Shadow Pokemon and you will need to stop their plot.

  • Has Pokemon up to Gen 8.
  • 🎮Play on: Windows

Honorary Mention: Pokémon Rejuvenation

Why play this?: Original story in a new, original region.

Inspired by Pokemon Reborn, expect to sink hours your life into this content packed game with an original plot.

Pokemon Rejuvenation is inspired by Pokemon Reborn and incorporated a modified version of the Field effect system. Like Reborn, Rejuvenation’s difficulty is harder than most standard Pokemon game., but it comes with a casual mode for players who may be worried about the difficulty level.

  • Has Pokemon up to Gen 8
  • 🎮Play on: Windows, Mac, Android

Honorary Mention: Pokémon Añil

Why play this?: Beautiful reimagined version of Pokemon Fire Red, with all Pokemon up to Gen 9 and a ton of Quality of life features.

Many Pokemon gamers have named this as the “definitive” version of Fire Red. To be honest, I prefer the original Fire Red. But Pokemon Anil did make the graphics and environment design way nicer. Also, the QoL features and quantity of rare candies made the game less grindy which may or may not be your thing.

There are some tweaks to the rivals and post game story, but those didn’t really stand out to me.

Originally made in Spanish, Pokemon Anil has been translated to English here.

  • Pokemon up to Gen 9!
  • 🎮Play on: Windows, Mac, Android

Honorary Mention: Pokémon Phoenix Rising

Why play this?: Created for Windows with traditional RPG features

What if Pokemon was a traditional RPG created for the PC instead? This fan-made Pokemon game gives you that experience. It comes with beautiful graphics, character customizations, skill trees and a quest system. Plus, encounter Relic Pokemon, Mega Evolution and many more Pokemon.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising is an ambitious project that will always be on my watchlist. It didn’t make the list because although Episode 1 has been released, unfortunately, development seems to be on hiatus since 2020.

  • 🎮Play on: Windows

More Pokemon Fan Games that deserve to be on this list?

Let me know in the comments below!





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    This list of Pokémon fan games features a diverse range of experiences. “Pokémon Xenoverse” and “Pokémon Reborn” offer rich storylines and intense battles, while “Pokémon Ultralite” introduces rogue-lite elements. Games like “Pokémon This Gym of Mine” provide unique gameplay by letting you manage a Pokémon gym. Meanwhile, “Pokémon Infinite Fusion” allows you to create your own Pokémon by fusing them. With these games, you can enjoy the Pokémon world in new and creative ways, adding hours of gameplay and fun.

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