Can Nintendo Switch Lite play online?


This is a commonly asked question that I get from folks who see me having fun on my Nintendo Switch Lite. 

The short answer is: Yes, you can play online with the Switch Lite. 

In fact, I was playing Animal Crossing with friends I’d met on Reddit during the pandemic, all on my Switch Lite. (You need a Nintendo Switch Online Membership for this!)

Here’re answers to additional commonly asked questions:

Can you play multiplayer on Nintendo Switch Lite without the internet?

The Nintendo Switch Lite allows you to play with your friends locally, as well as with others via the internet.

However, just like any Nintendo Switch, if you wish to play your games online over the internet, you would need a Nintendo Switch Online membership. 

This is true for games like Pokemon Scarlet / Violet, Splatoon 3, Mario Kart and many others. 

This is the very reason why I avoided multiplayer games on the Switch in the past. 

However, with all the new features and retro games being released under the Nintendo Switch Online membership, it now makes so much more sense to get a subscription. 

Is Nintendo Online free on Switch Lite?

No. Nintendo Switch Online is a paid subscription. 

It is tied to your account, so if you have multiple Nintendo Switch accounts, you can access your subscription and enjoy the perks no matter where or how you’re playing your games.

Does the Nintendo Switch Lite need WiFi? 

It depends.

If you’re playing a game from a physical Switch cartridge, you’ll probably not require WiFi.

However, you’ll need WiFi to download patches and updates for both your console and your games. It also allows you to play with friends over the internet (if you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership).

You’ll also require WiFi access if you wish to access the Nintendo eShop’s library of games. 




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