5 Cozy Games to Play When it’s Raining Outside ⛈️

There’s nothing better than hiding under the sheets and immersing in these Nintendo Switch games when its pouring outside:


1) Dredge

A seemingly calming fishing game with layers of mystery and shipwrecks to uncover.

You play as a fisherman at Greater Marrow where you spend your days fishing for a living. But as you interact and converse with the residents, something starts smelling fishy.

And the nights, they start haunting you.

Monsters attack your brightly lit ship and random rocks appear as you navigate to safety.

But amidst the mysteries, the fishing is relaxing, the exploration is fun and the art is beauty to the eyes.

Listen to that BGM. How soothing:

Dredge is also available on Steam, but I’m glad I got it on the Switch during a sale!

2) Moonlighter

Run a shop by day, explore the dungeons by night.

If you’re in need of a game that offers management, exploration and combat action, Moonlighter serves up a good balance.

It’s also available on PC, consoles and almost everywhere else you can play games on:

3) Before we leave

In the mood for some strategic action?

Rebuild cities and civilization, 1 tile at a time in “Before We Leave”.

This cozy world-builder game is deeper than it seems. As you advance in game, you’ll find yourself thinking about your environmental impact on Mother Earth irl.

Warning: time will seem to pass way faster when you’re immersed in this game.

4) Rune Factory 5

Join the ranks of SEED and uncover the mystery of what’s affect the balance between nature and humanity. If that’s too heavy, it’s fine.

You can spend your days farming, crafting weapons and helping out the townsfolk.

What I like about Rune Factory 5 is its overarching plot allows for a good amount of gameplay without going into post-game farming mode.

Also, Rune Factory 5 has a great progression system where everything you do can be levelled up. Yes, everything, including sleeping.

5) Animal Crossing

My favorite go to when I’m looking for some light cozy game action.

Clearing up weeds, catching some fish and hitting up old neighbors is my cozy, stress free way of enjoying the day in.

While I play RPG games alone, you can also have fun with friends by visiting their islands if that’s your thing.

What are your go-to cozy games for when it’s raining outside? Let me know in the comments below!




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