Does the Switch Lite have Bluetooth capabilities?


As of the 13.0.0 update that took place in Sep 2021, you have the Bluetooth Audio option. 

So yes, if you’re still wondering, you can use Bluetooth on the Nintendo Switch Lite (and the Nintendo Switch too).

If you’re getting a pre-own Nintendo Switch Lite and are unsure, you can ask the seller to show you a screenshot of the Switch Lite’s setting page:

If the Nintendo Switch Lite has been reset, you should still be able to get the feature once you set the console up and let it run the latest updates.

However, do note that Bluetooth microphones are not supported yet. 

If you wish to use a gaming headset to interact with your friends while gaming, you can connect your microphone via either the audio jack or the USB-C port instead. That said, there are not many games that support a gaming headset on the Nintendo Switch directly. You may be better off using discord to voice chat with your friends.

How do I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my Nintendo Lite?

  1. Turn on your bluetooth headphones, make sure that it is ready to pair
  2. Go to settings in your Nintendo Switch Lite
  3. Look for Bluetooth Audio
  4. Tap on Pair Device
  5. Your Switch Lite should detect the Bluetooth audio device (press Y to search again if it fails to detect)
  6. Press A to pair.

Do note that your Bluetooth audio will be disconnected during local communication. 

And, there may be a lag depending on the connection between your Bluetooth audio device and your Nintendo Switch Lite.




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