Best Fire Emblem GBA Rom Hacks and Fan Games That’ll Take You Down Memory Lane

If you love fantasy and tactical role-playing games (RPG), then you’ve probably played the Fire Emblem series. I still remember picking up my first Fire Emblem game, Radiant Dawn, and booting it up on my Nintendo Wii.

That was a life-changing experience. I couldn’t get enough of it, so I went (and begged my parents) and bought whatever Fire Emblem games I could find for my GBA. Sadly, I still haven’t played the first Fire Emblem on the GameBoy Advance (aka The Binding Blade) yet.

And so, I couldn’t be more excited when I discovered the world of rom hacks during the pandemic lockdown.

Unlike Pokemon rom hacks, the Fire Emblem community is smaller but still highly talented, especially in plot writing.

Here’re the best Fire Emblem GBA rom hacks you should definitely give a go:

1. Vision Quest

The FE fan game made by a fan, for fans.

fire emblem vision quest
  • ✅ Complete game
  • ✅ Original story
  • ✅ Entirely new world
  • Fire Emblem 8 Hack

Other than the lengthy introduction that you’ve have to go through, this Fire Emblem fan game can definitely pull its own weight!

Created by Pandan, Vision Quest is a Fire Emblem 8 (aka Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) hack. If you haven’t played The Sacred Stones, you must give the OG a go!)

It takes over 34 hours of gameplay to clear the main story that is broken down into 4 arcs and 41 chapters. Not only does it come with challenging maps and a good cast of characters, Vision Quest also includes a unique promotion options, custom weapons, fun game mechanics like the Shove skill and quality of life features like equipment icons and enemy life bars.

If you’re here for a good story and want a chill experience, the Easy mode offers a fun experience even for newbies.

And, if you’re a seasoned tactical RPG and Fire Emblem player, I challenge you to complete Vision Quest’s Hard mode 😈

2. The Road to Ruin

Probably the most popular Fire Emblem fan game.

  • ✅ Complete game
  • ✅ Original story
  • Fire Emblem 7 Hack

This has got to be the most popular Fire Emblem fan made game with every FE fan recommending it.

If you’re looking for a gripping story with original music, The Road to Ruin will set a new standard for fan made games for you.

The game is complete with 21 chapters of main storyline and 2 bonus chapters for the full experience. There are 30 playable characters to collect.

But a note of warning: late game can get a bit grindy and painful to complete. But if you’re here for a unique FE experience, The Road to Ruin should be on your list!

3. Justice and Pride

  • ✅ Complete game
  • ✅ Original story
  • Fire Emblem 8 Hack

Another full length Fire Emblem fan game with 30 original chapters, you’re in for a treat with Justice and Pride.

Plus, this hack allows characters to access the convoy without wasting a turn, which is one of the best quality-of-life feature ever IMO.

4. Requiem

For a hack created by a solo creator, this is pretty lit!

  • ✅ Complete game
  • ✅ Well-written story and characters!
  • Fire Emblem 7 Hack

With 26 chapters of well written story backed with new maps, this is another Fire Emblem fan game you should get your hands on.

Requiem was dropped by Sacred Blazed and there was little ‘promo’ on the game when it first released. It was worked on quietly as a one-fan project and launched suddenly.

But a good game will always attract the community. Requiem boosts of well written characters and an enjoyable plot that’ll keep you glued.

5. Elibean Nights

A fan-made sequel to The Blazing Blade.

  • ✅ Complete game
  • ✅ Fan-written sequel to The Blazing Blade
  • Fire Emblem 7 Hack

As of 2021, the ‘Director’s Cut” version was released with 19 maps and new story content!

Elibean Nights plays like a series of mini-stories, with each chapter focusing on specific characters. If you like fan fiction, you may enjoy the short stories in this fan made game.

A fun element in Elibean Nights is its Matchmaker feature that lets you customize the support pairings. These customizations will impact the story in each chapter too, offering a dynamic and unique gameplay.

Would definitely love for more fan games to explore this!

6. Void’s Blitzarre Adventure

  • ✅ Complete game
  • ✅ Doesn’t take itself too seriously 🥹
  • Fire Emblem 8 Hack

A full fledge Fire Emblem fan game with 31 chapters, Void’s Blitzarre Adventure was created in less than a week! It took the community by storm with its quality.

But that doesn’t mean it’s just a reskin. Void’s Blitzarre Adventure comes with a fairly enjoyable storyline with humorous dialogue.

Great if you’re looking for a light FE game to run with.

This game was so popular, a 3D remake (and spoof) of Void’s Blitzarre Adventure was also released later by another fan.

7. Staff of Ages

  • ✅ Original Story
  • ✅ Over 40 playable characters
  • ✅ Already has 30 chapters to play, and that’s just Act 1
  • Fire Emblem 8 Hack

If you liked Fire Emblem for its cast of characters, then this might be for you. There’re over 40 playable characters in Staff of Ages!

And the team didn’t forget about the content because there’s 30 chapters for you to fully explore in this fan made game….while the developers continue to work on the game. That said, development of Act 2 is said to be going on since 2022, though part of it was released in Staff of Ages 2.0, but who knows if it’ll ever be released in full.

The best part is that this FE fan made game can now be played without an emulator because the developers used the Tactile engine instead.

And if you like a challenge, the Hard Mode in this will be something for hardcore strategy game fans.

8. Storge

Shortest FE fan game worth playing

  • ✅ Short storyline, Complete game
  • ✅ Unique party management dynamic
  • ✅ High Replayability
  • Fire Emblem 8 Hack

If you’re looking for a quick Fire Emblem fan game, this is a short one with only 5 (+1) chapters.

Instead of recruiting new members as the story unfolds, you hire mercenaries, adding an unique management dimension to the game.

While short, Storge is highly replayable and you can also gain rewards from certain playthroughs too!

Perfect for the weekend FE game run.

9. Bloodlines

The FE rom hack where your pet dog is part of your party.

  • ✅ Fun dialogues
  • ✅ Dewey 🐶
  • Fire Emblem 7 Hack

Bloodlines adds a mystical twist to Fire Emblem with many non-human characters. That’s not all though, there’re new moves and mechanics to figure out too.

Plus, you get to use your pet dog to attack haha!

This was last updated in Feb 2022 and is yet to be completed. That said, there are 19 chapters you can play now.

10. Order of the Crimson Arm

  • ✅ Complete game
  • Fire Emblem 7 Hack

Another complete FE rom hack, with an original storyline too! This one comes with new unit classes (tactician and dancer) to explore and a slew of original characters.

And if you’re savvy enough, you can even customize your avatar character!

Story wise, it’s okay – didn’t really stand out to me, with some weird diversions in between. But overall, a good experience.

Which Fire Emblem GBA rom hack did you enjoy most?

I hope this list gave you some FE fan games you can start exploring. The community continues to surprise me with their creativity, so let me know if you found a fan game or rom hack that should be on this list!

Let me know what you think too 😝

p.s. If you’re new to the Fire Emblem series and have a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion membership, you can play the very first GBA version of Fire Emblem now!





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