Harvestella Conellu Doll Locations Guide

If you’re out of ideas hunting for Conellu Dolls in Harvestella, this Conellu Doll Locations guide will come in handy.

Conellu Doll Locations

There are 40 Conellu Dolls scattered in Harvestella, here’s where you can find them all:

#1 Bird’s Eye Brae; behind the Bomb Lv1 wall

#2 Bird’s Eye Brae; cave biome behind waterfall

#3 Lethe Village; house behind Livestock Conellu merchant

#4 Higan Canyon; I Scarlet Gorge

#5 Higan Canyon; III Cypress Crossing

You don’t have to fight the FEAR here, just run pass it.

#6 Njord Steppe; next to the Nemea side Motus Monolite

Head to the Nemea side entrance and locate the Monolite. The Conellu Doll is in a nook right next to the Monolite.

#7 Nemea; behind the Orphanage

Teleport to the Orphanage. Walk to the back of the Orphanage and you’ll find it:

#8 Heaven’s Egg; I Improper Ruins

#9 Heaven’s Egg; III Mutant Vegetation

#10 Heaven’s Egg; V Wet Footprints

You’ll have to ride the wind to get to it!

#11 Jade Forest; behind FEAR on the right side of the map

Again, you don’t have to fight the FEAR. You can dash in, grab the doll and run.

#12 Shatolla; beach area next to Heine’s Atelier

This one took me a while:

  1. Teleport to Heine’s Atelier
  2. Walk towards the Lighthouse

#13 Coral Shrine; I Seabed Corridor

#14 Coral Shrine; III Three-Pronged Crossroad

#15 Coral Shrine; V Echo of the Bulla

#16 Hidden Cave on Isolated Island to the right of Shatolla

Hint: Explore islands with your sound on. Totokaku will coo if there’s something to be discovered.

#17 Silent Cave; behind FEAR on the right side of the map

#18 Holy Capital Argene; Behind Temple of Indulgentia

Teleport to the Temple of Indulgentia, turn left and head to the back:

what took you so long, i’m freezing

#19 Divine Sealight Cave; I Hidden Glacier Approach

#20 Divine Sealight Cave; III Frozen Crossroads

After you freeze the ice, you’ll have to go around a frozen FEAR. This Conellu Doll is behind the frozen FEAR.

#21 Divine Sealight Cave; V Chilled Confinement

Another grab and run!

#22 Castle of Illusion; I Steps of Truth

#23 Castle of Illusion; III Steps of the Divine Gift

#24 Castle of Illusion; V Solstitial Steps

These are fun ones to grab, beware of the lasers ⚡

#25 Space Elevator Vergilius; Level 1

You’ll need to go up to Level 2, walk a big loop and take the elevator down. #patience

#26 Orbital Cradle; I Heaven’s Step (Room H)

#27 Orbital Cradle; III Beatrice’s Lullaby (look for Room B & C)

#28 Orbital Cradle; V Empireo (look for Room I & J)

If you don’t trigger the laser, the FEAR won’t move, so go ahead and grab the Conellu Doll and a selfie while you’re there.

#29 Abandoned Eden; Great Partition

Can’t believe I missed this.

#30 Panthalassa Junction; Center Monolite, behind treasure chest

Teleport to the Center, head down the stairs and you’ll see a treasure chest.

There’s a broken platform right behind the treasure chest, this was my last Conellu Doll. I had to revisit every site on this list because I thought I had taken this one. 😩

#31 Pantasmagoria; I Memory Lane

#32 Pantasmagoria; III Dream Terminus

This takes a little navigating, you want to take the exit to the left of the old spinning teacup ride. The thing is, there’s a FEAR blocking the way, so “en-garde”! 🤺

#33 Astrum Helix Research Facility; I Planetary Life Tower, Level 4

Take the elevator to Middle Layer, head up to Level 5 then drop down from the smaller loose ground on the left.

#34 Astrum Helix Research Facility; III Seraph Memorial Garden

This is off map.

You’ll need to take the elevator to the Middle Layer, turn left and jump off the ledge 2 times (or was it 3).

#35 Astrum Helix Research Facility; V Where Paradise Hatches, Level 8

Head down the stairs, open the treasure chest, then jump to the ledge right opposite you for the Conellu Doll.

#36 Stella Nursery; I Untrodden Path (behind FEAR)

#37 Stella Nursery; III Spiral to the Beginning (behind FEAR)

#38 Karenoid; Floor 5

#39 Karenoid; Floor 40

#40 Karenoid; Floor 60

If you’re here to complete your Conellu Doll collection, I’ve underlined those that are commonly missed.

I’ve also written about them in greater detail here: 5 Conellu Dolls you’d might have missed in Harvestella

Conellu Doll Exchange List

Here’s what you get when you exchange your Conellu Dolls with the Chief Conellu:

Number of Conellu Dolls exchangedWhat you get
5Arched Green Fence recipe
10Simple Vitality Ring
15Accessory Synthesis Jar recipe
20Conellu Bun Recipe
25Opulent Dexterity Ring
30Feed Maker Lv3 recipe
35Sacred Tenacity Ring
40Conellu Statue (in your attic)
all that running about was this 🙌

How to check the number of Conellu Dolls I have delivered?

  1. Go to the Mystery Shop in Shatolla,
  2. talk to the Chief Conellu
  3. then talk to the little boy

He’ll tell you how many Conellu Dolls you’ve delivered and what you can get in the next tier.

What are Conellu Dolls? 

Conellu Dolls are mysterious dolls you can collect in exchange for valuable rewards when you deliver them to the Chief Conellu at the Shatolla Mystery Shop.

Conellu Dolls are categorized as a ‘valuable’ in Harvestella which means you cannot sell it for Grilla, the in-game currency nor discarded.

Spoiler: the purpose of Conellu Dolls is still anyone’s guess.

Have fun playing hide and seek with these dolls! 😹




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