Harvestella: Where is the last repair kit spot?

If you’re trying to clear your Faerie Orders in Harvestella and are stuck at 38/39 on the “Fix every area that can be fixed with a Repair Kit”, this could just be it. (at least it was for me)

Go to the Castle of Illusion, teleport to V Solstitial Steps and go straight up to Level 2.

 Rage kill all the enemies on sight and you’ll find the Repair Kit Lv2 spot on the right:

Not the right one? 

I didn’t manage to capture all the Repair Kit spots during my playthrough, but most of them seem to be at the more man-made areas which are mostly late game areas.

I managed to get to all of them while searching for Conellu Dolls

Here’re some regions to explore:

  • Heaven’s Egg
  • Castle of Illusion
  • Abandoned Eden
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Space Station Vergilius
  • Orbital Cradle
  • Astrum Helix Research Facility
  • and also the Stella Nursery

If you’re still searching for that last spot, here’s a handy (though incomplete) list that could help.

p.s. if you’re having trouble finding the last (few) Conellu Dolls, try this!




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