How to Save in Harvestella?

There are only two ways to save in Harvestella:

  1. sleep in your bed, or
  2. manually save at any Motus Monolite.

I don’t know about you but in farming RPGs, I tend to forget to save my game progress. It’s just too easy to get caught up in the many tasks that I wish to accomplish in a single day. 

Unlike many farming sims (uhem, Roots of Pacha), Harvestella allows us the option to manually save our games! This is a time-saver, especially if you plan to explore the dungeons after spending half the day tending to your farm, and don’t want to lose all that progress.

There’s been too many times when I died in the dungeons and had to restart the entire day because I didn’t want to pay Cres 💸.

Hence, in the late game, I always make it a point to save my progress manually every time I enter a new dungeon.

How to Save in Harvestella? 💾

As mentioned above, there are just two ways to save in Harvestella:

1) Go to bed 🛌

Heading to sleep will end the day and this will autosave your progress. 

If you are defeated in a dungeon or fall asleep outside your house, the day ends and Harvestella will autosave as well.

If you reload your game at this point, you will find an autosaved file when you select “Load” instead of “Continue” at the main menu. 

This is especially useful if you had been defeated in a dungeon and want to revert to the previous main game save file. It’s a double whammy to lose half the day (because you’ll only be revived wake up at 12pm) as well as pay a significant chuck of Grilla to Cres as her doctor’s fee.

Oh, I still feel the pain just by thinking about the amount of Grilla I paid to Cres before realizing I could do this. 

2) Manually save at any Motus Monolite

After you’ve defeated Unicorn in the Higan Canyon, you will receive the Motus Magicite from Dianthus when you move to the next map.

You can now activate Motus Monolites, allowing you to warp to key points in an area or get home fast. It’ll also allow you to manually save your game. 

When can I manually save in Harvestella?

If you’ve just started the game and need to run off to deal with life, fret not. You can start manually saving the game after you have defeated Unicorn in Higan Canyon.

You’ll need to complete Chapter One to get there. In the meantime, you can head to bed and sleep to autosave the game. 

(SPOILER) Anyway, except for gathering material and killing some monsters in Njord Steppe, you pretty much have nothing to do during the first 5 days in Harvestella. So just tend to your fields and get to bed early till day 6, to keep the game progressing. 

After you’ve met Dianthus and defeated Unicorn, Dianthus will give you the Motus Magicite that allows you to start activating and using the Motus Monolites you encounter along the way.

It took me about 3 hours to get to the first manual save point. If you’re speedrunning the game, you may get there earlier. 

Can you save in the Harvestella demo?

Yes you can. 

If you’re unsure if you should buy the full Harvestella game, you can give it a go with their free demo on the Nintendo Switch. (Or read my Harvestella review here). 

Your demo save file can be carried over to the full game later if you decide to buy it too. 

Don’t forget to save in Harvestella!


You can save your game progress by interacting with the Motus Monolite that is found at the entrance of most dungeons, towns and just outside your house. If you forgot to save, don’t worry just head to bed because Harvestella also autosaves every night.

In the unfortunate event where you are defeated in a dungeon or fall asleep outdoors, the day ends and the game will also autosave. The autosave will be a separate file from your main save file, so you can reload the game at your desired savepoint!

p.s. if you’re completing your Conellu Dolls collection, you can find all the Conellu Dolls locations here.




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