5 Conellu Dolls you might have missed in Harvestella

So, you’re out searching for missing Conellu Dolls in Harvestella to complete your collection and get that awesome Conellu Statue 🔍

But you don’t want to visit all 40 Conellu Doll locations.

This guide was written to help you save some time:

Here’re the top 5 Conellu Dolls that you might have missed:

1) Njord Steppe; next to the Nemea side Monolite

The Conellu Doll is hidden in a crevice right next to the Motus Monolite here:

However, it is so easy to miss this one. 

2) Shatolla; beach area next to Heine’s Atelier

  • Teleport to Hein’s Atelier,
  • turn around and hop off the platform onto the beach area.
  • Go towards the lighthouse and you’ll find a treasure chest.
  • Go deeper in and you’ll find a Conellu Doll just chilling by the beach.

The map’s pretty useless here if you didn’t know you could head to this beach area.

3) Orbital Cradle; III Beatrice’s Lullaby (look for Room B & C)

You’ll be kept busy in this room trying to dodge the moving laser while jumping over the double lasers. With the door to the next area in sight, most of us may not explore the room.

But the Conellu Doll is just sitting there if you turn around before heading to the door, right after jumping over the double lasers.


You might have also missed the Conellu Doll on area V Empireo. It is just behind the FEAR in the area between rooms I and J. 

You might have missed it if you were trying to run across the room, for fear of activating the FEAR.

4) Abandoned Eden

Teleport to the Great Partition, turn to your left and head to the pillar behind the Monolite and you’ll see it in plain sight.

This is often missed because the only time we have had to come in here, was to get outside. Most of us would just run through this bizarrely huge empty space.

5) Astrum Helix Research Facility; III Seraph Memorial Garden

Firstly, this is off the map. I mean, look at this, the map is just a black mass:

No wonder you missed it. 

You’ll need to take the elevator to the Middle Layer, turn left and jump off the ledge 3 times. 

Also, before you head down, interact with the shiny hint on the middle layer. This will cause you to drop a mysterious item and trigger a monster, after defeating it, head down the ledge, collect the Conellu Doll then go all the way back down to the Lower Layer where you will find a Sun Stone.)

Still searching for your last Conellu Doll?!

If none of these were your last one, I’m very sorry. 😩

Here’s the full list of Conellu Doll Locations. You may need to visit them all to hunt for your last missing Conellu Doll. 

It’s quite common to dismiss any one of the locations thinking that you’ve already taken the doll.

Or, you might have accidentally fail to save or missed the opportunity to save, which is quite common if you were out dungeon crawling, only to be done in by the clock.

My Last Conellu Doll

Personally, my last Conellu Doll was the one at Panthalassa Junction. I was sure I had taken it initially because that area was so small. 

I only managed to find it by revisiting all the Conellu Doll Locations again and spending extra time at each location to make sure I didn’t miss a thing.

p.s. If you’re having troubles finding the last repair kit spot, try this.😉




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