Open World Games that don’t feel repetitive

Like open world games but hate having to go through the fetch and retrieve side quests or grind through the motions of finding an NPC to talk to just to clear a quest?

These Open World games were made for you:

6 Open World Games That Don’t Feel Like A Repetitive Grind

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source: eurogamer

1) Ghost of Tsushima

  • third person action adventure
  • your decision affects the direction of the game
  • Available on: Playstation

Take on the role of a samurai task with protecting the Tsushima Island. There’s combat, stealth tactics, decision trees that affect your game experience and more.

While carrying out your duty, you can also explore the islands of Tsushima on horseback, uncover new areas, locate Shinto shrines, complete challenges and more. There’s so much to do, you’ll barely have time to repeat tasks.

source: xbox

2) Sea of Thieves

  • Online First-person action adventure
  • Exploration, multiplayer game
  • Available on: PC, Xbox

Explore the open seas and islands while voyaging on your pirate ship in a shared world which allows you to encounter other players.

Gather resources, brave adverse weather, complete quests and craft your own unique pirate story in Sea of Thieves.

Source: Guerrilla Games

3) Horizon Zero Dawn

  • third person action adventure
  • Exploration, Hunting, Gathering
  • Available on: PC, Playstation

Explore the open world as a hunter looking to undercover her past. Take on side quests, hunt giant robotic creatures, gather resources and craft supplies in a post-apocalyptic world with different terrains.

There’s much to be done and combat is fun and interactive instead of being a button mashing session.

Horizon is sometimes compared to the Monster Hunter series.

4) Spiderman (2018)

  • third person action
  • Exploration, Resource Gathering
  • Available on: PC, Playstation

Explore a fictionalized New York City as Spiderman: swing between buildings, run along walls and vault across obstacles while saving the city from an infection. Although Spiderman is known for his melee attacks, you also get to play around with gadgets and a range of suits which allows you to explore different combat combos.

The story context is simple but game play is fun and not too repetitive. The graphics are pretty impressive too as you swing around the city. An upcoming sequel is in the works and is due for release in Oct 2023.

5) Metro Exodus

  • first player shooting
  • survival, exploration, resource management
  • Available on: PC, Mac, Playstation, Xbox

A FPS game with elements of combat, stealth, horror mixed in with survival and exploration. You travel across continents in a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with mutants and hostile humans.

The plot is overall strongly driven by story, the side quests manageable and combat is kept interesting as environment, time and weather plays a role in your strategy. Between fighting off enemies using a range of firearms, you’ll also be gathering resources to craft ammunition and medkits.

6) Days Gone

  • Third person action
  • Survival, Exploration, resource management
  • Available on: PC, Playstation

Third person adventure set in post-apocalyptic Oregon where you have to fend off zombies as a drifter. Explore the open world on foot or motorbike, collect resources, craft supplies and clear side quests while attempting to reunite with the main character’s wife.

This game has mixed reviews, some liked the randomness of the NPCs and zombie attacks, while others have complained about bugs.

Debate: Open World Games that don’t feel repetitive

This topic will definitely draw flake and attract the trolls.

Afterall, what’s grindy for me may not be the same for you.

Go ahead, list the games that don’t feel repetitive to you in the comments below. If you don’t agree with my list, share your reason instead of just flaming.

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