Palia: This cozy Farming MMO…will be free to play!

What is Palia?

Palia is a cozy MMO farming sim with a strong focus on community and collaboration. It reminds me of My Time at Portia, paired with Zelda ToTK’s exploration elements.

You get to build your own cozy, comfy home while making friends with fellow Palians.

There’ll tons of exploration as well as hunting, bug catching, gardening, cooking, fishing, mining, foraging and crafting.

Palia’s close Beta Access will be open on 2nd Aug 2023, and its Open Beta begins on 10 Aug 2023. You can create your account here.

3 things I’m most excited about in Palia:

1) It’s Free-to-Play!

On top of being a content packed game, Palia will be Free-to-Play!

How will Palia make money?!

Palia will only montize on cosmetic items and not loot boxes nor the core gameplay. (yay!)

Their monetization model reminds me of Fortnite’s. Having such a monetization method means that you can put hours into the Palia game, have fun, and know that what you earn is from your own efforts.

I’m already looking forward to seeing what Palians will build.

Of course, that also means you cannot earn the items that are being sold.

The Rouge concept art looks enticing already:

You can read more about Palia’s monetization strategy here.

2) You can play Palia solo!

As a solo gamer, I don’t have much friends irl who also play games. While Palia has a strong community focus, it is good news for me that you can also play the game solo.

Of course, I am looking forward to making friends with fellow Palians once the game opens up. I’m sure there’ll be events that would definitely require team play of some sorts.

The team working on Palia had showcased the gameplay recently, catch the full stream here:

3) There are ton of skills and house customization options!

Right off the bat, you’re given access to a pretty big plot of land on which you can build your house on. And it seems you can build and customize your house to your heart’s delight.

There’s much to be customized. As you forage and gather more items, you get to build a greater variety of furniture and decorations. It’ll be awesome to see what Palians will build.

Personally, I love farming games with good fishing minigames.

And I was sold during Palia’s gameplay first look. I love the amount of thought that went into the design of their fishing minigame.


Spent my first days in Palia, and the first thing I did was…FISH! 🎣 Watch to the end to see my relive a real life fishing experience in game 😅 #palia #freetoplay #cozygame #mmorpg #fishing #fishinggame #simgame #cozygames #cozygamer

♬ Lo-Fi electric piano fashionable(840331) – yutaka.T

And there’s more to Palia:


Palia offers a unique cozy game on a MMO scale and it would be interesting to watch how this project develops over the years.

2023 has been a bumper year for cozy games and I think Palia is one of the additions that will be greatly welcomed by cozy gamers!

p.s. You can create your Palia account here in advance!

How does multiplayer work?

You can team up with other players to forage items, catch bugs, hunt and even encourage each other while fishing. Each player involved in the effort will receive the same rewards or items, so it really makes sense to go on these multiplayer expeditions.

The developers shared that alpha players had organized “deforestation” campaigns where they would go in groups to clear out maps for resources.

Sounds like a fun way to quickly gather more resources.

I’d join the Palia reddit group and Discord for such opportunities once the game is launched.

The developers also shared that there would be occasions where you would need to team up such as to take down specific trees in the forest.

You can also visit your friend’s lots to help them out with watering and gardening. Only the owners will be able to harvest crops, so you don’t have to worry about players stealing your carrots.

That said, the developers didn’t dive into the mechanics or technicality of how multiplayer would work. Redditors are wondering if there would be guilds and how big the instances or shards would be during multiplayer games.

Some users have shared that homes will be instanced in the game, based on conversations with developers in the Palia Discord.

I guess we will have to wait till the open beta to find out how Palia’s multiplayer gameplay would work.

Will there be romance in Palia?

Yes, there will be romanceable NPCs in Palia.

Based on Palia’s support, you can romance and date NPCs but there’s no option to marrying them.

And although Palia is a MMO, you would only be able to designate fellow Palia players as friends for now. 🤞

Does Palia have a story?


Singularity 6 has shared that there is a deep narrative that would evolve over the years to come. Now that’s definitely something to look out for!

The developers had showcase the very first adventure zone (Bahari Bay) during the livestream. They have also mentioned that there will be more adventure zones coming as the game develops.

Will there be combat in Palia?

Yes. While there’ll be combat in Palia, but there will not be a PvP aspect.

Palia’s developers are very clear on their objectives, so while there may be competitive play designed around elements that make sense for Palia, there wouldn’t be much violence or conflict to deal with in-game.

What else can you do in Palia?

As mentioned above, Palia is a cozycore MMO. You can look forward to fishing, foraging, hunting, mining, insect catching, cooking ,furniture making, gardening and more

Look at those beautiful crops:

Will Palia only be on PC?

Palia will be released on PC first, however the team is working on releasing the game on Nintendo Switch, and you can wishlist for it here.

Can Palia run smoothly?

Palia’s development team has been running stress tests with selected players in order to ensure that the game runs smoothly at launch.

I think the open beta will allow the development team to spot even more bugs and technical issues that can be fixed before the official Palia launch.

You can sign up for an account here for a chance to participate in the beta.






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