OMG! Rune Factory 6 has been officially announced!

2 years after Rune Factory 5’s release, we are finally getting an official announcement for Rune Factory 6!

Marvelous announced that they are working on Rune Factory 6 in their recent Game Showcase. However, they didn’t showcase any sneak peeks, nor reveal any launch timeline. So, we’ll just have to wait.

What is Marvelous?

Marvelous Inc. is a Japanese video game developer and publisher, of which XSEED is a subsidiary of. If you’ve been playing cosy games, XSEED needs no introduction. They have published games like Story of Seasons, Trinity Trigger, No More Heros and of course, the Rune Factory series.

Rune Factory: Project Dragon

They also announced a second game that they are working on; Rune Factory: Project Dragon:

The setting would be in the mysterious “Land of the East” and features dragons!

The snippets revealed during the Marvelous Game Showcase reminds me of Genshin Impact. Which leaves me wondering how this action RPG would turn out.

Are you as excited as I am?





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