Sea of Stars’ demo on Nintendo Switch is 🔥

Sea of Stars has a demo on Nintendo Switch which you can now download for free via the Nintendo eShop. 

If you haven’t heard of Sea of Stars, here’s a quick overview:

What is Sea of Stars? 

A turn based, retro inspired RPG that has been making headlines since it launched its kickstarter back in 2020. 

The in-game combat style is said to be inspired by the popular Super Nintendo classic, Chrono Trigger. Sabotage Studio even roped in Chrono Trigger’s composer, Yasunori Mitsuda, to contribute to the game’s music. 😲

Sea of Stars features beautiful pixel art environments that reminded me of games like Octopath Traveller and Triangle Strategy. It is said to be set in the same universe as Sabotage Studio’s previous success, The Messenger.

While the game had been delayed from its original release schedule, Sabotage Studios seems to be doing well with their marketing. The game would be due for release across multiple platforms later this year, and the anticipation from a successful demo launch has been building up since Feb. 

Sea of Stars’ release date

29 August 2023

After almost 3 years of waiting, Sea of Stars has finally set its release date. It will be available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Playstation and XBox. There’s been an update that Sea of Stars would be available on Gamepass too!

Sea of Stars’ demo is on Nintendo Switch!

Its release date was announced earlier in February 2023 Nintendo Direct, and that Sea of Stars’ demo would be available on the eShop. 

I had watchlist it since then, but figured that I didn’t have to jump into the demo since August is still quite a wait. 

This weekend, I finally got to dive into the Sea of Stars’ demo and wow, I’m sold. 

Sea of Stars Demo Review

The Sea of Stars demo is only available on Nintendo Switch for now, and provides about 1 hour of gameplay. However, you can choose to grind and buy up all the relics in the secret shop. 

It seems the full game would have 6 playable characters.

In the demo, you get to choose between Zale (a blade dancer who walks the path of the Guardian God Solen) or Valere (a monk that walks the path of the Guardian Goddess Luana):

Spoiler: regardless who you choose, your party will comprise of both Valere and Zale, as well as Garl (a warrior chef).

🔥Clear instructions

The demo comes with clear instructions. You can even choose to read the user manual “How to Play”.

But don’t be mistaken, the demo doesn’t hand hold you throughout the entire experience.

Get ready to explore the dungeon. 

To top it off, there’re some humorous dialogue around town.

🔥Multiple game modes

You can use Relics to customize your game experience.

Monsters will respawn when you leave and reenter the dungeon, so you use the relics to customize your difficulty levels in the demo.

🔥Interesting Turn based combat

Instead of just selecting moves and watching it play out, there are timed mechanisms and certain skills which allow you to be involved in the outcome of the hit. 

For example, Valere’s Moonerang:

🔥I love the fishing 🎣

I’m a fishing nut, and the fishing experience in this game is pretty awesome.

Instead of a repetitive mini-game, you get to actually fight the fish as you reel it back in Sea of Stars’ fishing mechanics.

Sea of Stars demo is worth your time

Although their kickstarter was a great success, hitting their milestones in just 7 hours after opening, I only heard of Sea of Stars early this year.

Any hoo, game development seems to be going swimingly.

Sabotage Studio recently announced that they have completed the content of the game and are now moving into debugging:

In the meantime, if retro-styled, pixel art turn-based RPGs are your vibe, definitely give the Sea of Stars’ demo a go. It was a fun hour for me!

Played the demo? Here’re some questions you may be thinking of:

How long is the Sea of Stars Demo?

It takes about an hour to playthrough and defeat the boss. 

However, you can continue fishing and fighting monsters thereafter to unlock all the relics in the Hidden Market. 

P.S. It is more effective to sell cooked items than to sell fish.

Where is the Sea of Stars Demo Secret Shop

(Spoiler) You can find the Hidden Market just under the Pier:

The hidden market features 3 items: 

  • Arcane Amulet: grants +10 Magic DEF to wearer
  • Artful Gambit: Relic that unlocks hardcore difficulty
  • Eye of Yomara: Displays weakness and non-boss enemy HP in combat

What are the Sea of Stars Demo relics?

Each relic offers a different game experience:

  • Amulet of Storytelling: lets you explore the game without worrying about being defeated
  • Artful Gambit: Brings your HP down -95%, reduced timed blocks damage to 1 and doubles timed hits bonus damage. For maximum challenge. (has to be bought from the Hidden Market)
  • Sequent Flare: Provides clear feedback to understand the timing hit and block mechanism in Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars Demo final boss?

You will face the final boss, “Chromatic Apparition” in the Sea of Stars demo after you have gotten all three of the Blue, Green and Red crystals.

Before you head in, you may want to cook some Herbed Filet or Mushroom Soup and Berry Jam.

Will Sea of Stars’ Demo be on other platforms?


According to the Sea of Stars’ official twitter account, the Sea of Stars demo would be available on other launch platforms, hopefully soon.






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