Steam Summer Sale 2023: 5 hidden gem cozy games at >50% sale!

You probably know that popular cozy games like Stardew Valley, Coral Island, Sun Haven and My Time at Sandrock are on sale at the Steam Summer Sales 2023

If those are already in your library and you’re looking for more cozy game ideas, here’re 5 hidden gem cozy farming games you shouldn’t miss:.

1) Littlewood (-50%)

Rebuild the world of Solemn, starting from your own town. Although people are surprised, they are not shocked that you, the hero who defeated the Demon Lord and brought peace to the world, has amnesia. 

If this were a 40 episode Hong Kong drama, you’d probably have to suspect everyone’s intention for helping you. But thank goodness, it’s a cozy game. 

So, you make friends, build your town, attract new people to move in, build some more, fish, gather, get a party. 

It’s like Rune Factory meets Animal Crossing, but in Dragon Quest pixel art style…all at 50% discount! What more can you ask for?

More than 5,400 people have rated it Very Positive on Steam.

2) Lemon cake (-50%)

Manage your farm to table pastry shop. This game is great for its simplicity and beautify art style. You run a pastry shop. Since it’s farm to table, you manage your greenhouse, farm cows and chickens.

Character optimisation is sufficient, you get to design your cafe space, and even have the option to expand into a cat cafe too!

This cute game has a Very Positive rating.

3) Big Farm Story (-50%)

If you like the art style of the “My Time At” series, Big Farm Story is right up your alley.

Your (irresponsible) grandfather disappeared without a trace and had abandoned his farm. Everything’s worn down and the fields are overgrown.

It’s up to you to restore the farm; tend to your field, craft, gather resources, help around town, make some friends and even get a pet dog!

This hidden gem has a Mostly Positive rating on Steam. And, it comes with local co-op capabilities.

4) Epic Chef (-50%)

Build a farm, grow ingredients, craft machines and cook! You play as Zest who aims to become the most Epic Chef in Ambrosia. The best part of this game is that you can create your own recipes and take part in intense chef battles…all farm to table!

As a bonus, the dialogue is packed full of humor and the game is driven by a strong story. I wish more influencers covered this game.

This hidden gem story rich RPG has a Very Positive review from over 300 players on Steam.

5) Hokko Life (-66%)

Animal farm and Sims collide. In Hokko Life, you can create new furniture and items to your liking. On top of just fishing, farming and tending to your farm animals, you get to make your own unique in-game items. 

If you’ve always wished to design your own town from scratch, then this game is worth exploring.

This cozy farming RPG has a Mostly Positive review from over 1,390 players on Steam. However, Hokko Life seem to be a hit and miss, it may not be for you!

(bonus) Dave the Diver (-10%)

Another hidden gem that I have to include in this list, although it is going at just -10% in the Steam Summer Sale 2023. 

Dive into the serene ocean to fish by day and run a sushi shop by night. Explore the oceans as Dave the diver and uncover secrets of the ‘Blue Hole”.

There are some roguelike elements to this game, much like Moonlighter. So it may not be suitable for all. However, if like me, you love fishing, learning about sea creatures and food, then this game is for you.

Plus, it comes with a surprisingly fun range of minigames that will definitely throw you off (in a good way).





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