Summer Game Fest 2023: Gems that no one seems to be talking about

You’ve probably seen the captivating trailers from the AAA games like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Prince of Persia – the Lost Crown, Immortals of Aveum and Sonic Superstars.

But there’s more to the main Summer Game Fest lineup than AAA games from big studios. It also featured games from indie developers! (Another one worth paying attention to is the Wholesome Games Direct, which I haven’t had the time to watch. There were over 70 titles teased there!)

I watched all 3.5 hours of the Summer Game Fest 2023 and here are my top 8 most anticipated (mostly, indie) games from the Summer Game Fest lineup, that no one seems to be talking much about:

1) Hauntii

Nice soundtrack, interesting plot, with Spiritfarer vibes. What’s not to like?

In Hauntii, you play as a ghost, and you finally get to haunt others.

Hauntii looks highly underrated and didn’t seem to hit its original kickstarter campaign goals. However, it is now under Moonloop, so hopefully the game gets the marketing and attention it deserves. 

Will be out on Steam, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch!

Trailer looks good, and oh the soundtrack:

2) Viewfinder

Cool gameplay where you can take photos and use them to alter reality, and solve puzzles. 

There’s a demo out for PS5 (which I unfortunately do not own), but the trailer got me sold on the gameplay mechanics at least. Not sure what’s the overarching plot though.

The game will be out on PS5 and Steam on 18 July 2023.

3) Cocoon

A multi world puzzle adventure game that looks like it packs hours of fun exploration with many cross world traveling mechanisms. 

Will be out on Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox, probably in 2023.

4) Été

Été is set in a French city and would be the debut game of a new indie studio, Impossible.

It’s an interesting painting exploration and puzzle game where you splash colors across the city as you explore. You can collect elements that allow you to create your own paintings too, which is the feature that’s really caught my attention.

Looks like a chill, cozy exploration game that could be fun for relaxing game sessions during the evenings!

Will be out on Steam, early 2024.

5) Summerhill

Expect beautiful graphics and relaxing soundtrack in this puzzle game with cozy vibes that somewhat reminds me of Journey.

From Land & Sea, the studio that brought us Alto’s Adventure (one of the best free-to-play mobile games ever), Summerhill is a story driven puzzle game where you play as a shepherd with a dog. You will be herding sheep while solving puzzles.

Sounds like a great way to escape from life.

Will be out on Steam.

6) Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall

Yes, Your Grace is a kingdom management game. The original game was released in 2020, but I’ve only learnt of it now, through the latest Snowfall trailer.

The 2.5D art style looks nice and well…it’s a management sim so naturally it caught my attention. No chill vibes here, this game has a more mature and serious vibe to it. But the trailer got me curious, I’ll probably get the original game if when it goes on sale to give it a go.

Should be out on Steam, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

7) Lysfanga

Lysfanga looks like an isometric action, tactical game with hack and slash elements.

The tone of the dialogue from the trailer reminds me of Hades and there are time traveling elements with magic spells and more! Sounds like something worth picking up when it’s out.

Will be out on Steam and Epic Games, sometime in 2023.

8) Henry Halfhead

Henry Halfhead features interesting gameplay where you can take on the form of anything you touch.

Looks like there’s a good amount of fun exploration to be had, as you take on everyday life, from a new take. Feels like a cozy, chill game for relaxing after a crazy work week.

Will be out on Steam.

I’ve shared 8 games that caught my attention in the Summer Game Fest. Hopefully they’ve made it into your watchlist too!




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