The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom First Impressions

finally got my copy of Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom!

I was first introduced to The Legend of Zelda series through Breath of the Wild. 

I had actually stopped gaming for several years because I found most games at the time to be too restrictive – it felt like the game developers were constantly pulling me along by the nose. 

It wasn’t until I discovered cozy farming games that I started playing games again.

When COVID lockdowns hit, I picked up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and was blown away by the expansive open world. Sure, there were certain areas I couldn’t explore yet due to my level or lack of equipment (I may have jumped off the edge of a cliff a few times before realizing I needed a paraglider)

I never actually finished BOTW – but I did end up collecting a ton of horses!

I’ve developed a soft spot for open world games. 

The hype for the latest Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game promised even more creativity and exploration, and was too much to resist. 

After just five hours of gameplay, I can confidently say that the game has delivered on its promise. And while I’m no hardcore Zelda fan, I absolutely love the open world (did I mention that before?).

Here’s my:

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom First Impressions

I’ll keep this short, and try to avoid spoilers! 

First up, the opening is very enjoyable. And I think that’s got to be the first time I’ve actually seen Zelda. 

I don’t have the ability to capture my gameplay, so here’s the first 15 minutes in Tears of The Kingdom from IGN:

And, the ability to combine items (which was in all the teasers released) is really fun! 

TOTK is like an open world filled with puzzles to solve, and there’s no fixed solution forced onto players. You can come up with wacky ways to make things work, which to me, makes a game fun!

Gameplay experience

I originally played BOTW on my Switch Lite, but this time around I’m playing on the Switch OLED. The wider screen and full-featured joycons make the game even more enjoyable. 

The best part? 

You don’t even need to have played Breath of the Wild to enjoy this new game. Even if you’re new to the Zelda series, the game guides you along and provides you with a new set of powers to play with.

Here’re my notes on the Great Sky Island shrines.

A little bonus for BOTW players

Tip: If you have a saved BOTW game with beloved horses, you can port your horses to TOTK! 

This function is after my own heart. After all, I spent hours gathering and nurturing horses instead of trying to complete BOTW. 😅

How long to beat?

Since the release of TOTK on 12 May, players have beaten the game in 40 – 60 hours. 

Walkthroughs and guides are starting to pop up everywhere too! 

Should you buy Legend of Zelda: TOTK?


Although this felt like an expansion of Breadth of the Wild initially, and the current Nintendo Switch does struggle to keep up with the frame rate at some parts of the game, I don’t think these are major issues. 

In a bid to underpromise and overdeliver – there’re actually 3 layers of maps that you can explore in-game! Nintendo didn’t mention nor show the 3rd layer during any of their press releases. Wow.

Also, you get to build traps, moving platforms, weapons and so much more. (I mean, this is as realistic as it gets when you’re trying to survive in a deserted area.)

The open world and possibilities in TOTK will ensure hours of fun. 

Okay, that’s enough, I’ll end off my first impressions of TOTK here and get back into the game.

Oh, just be warned: you might get addicted to the series. In that case, consider getting an old copy of Breath of the Wild or even the classic 3DS Majora’s Mask!





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