What are Soulslike games?

Soulslike games are characterized by high difficulty levels and repeated character death or failure, with sparse checkpoints that increases risk of losing progress during player character death.

In-game combat often requires deliberate strategy to manage resources like stamina and health, while optimizing mechanisms like move animations. Soulslike games often have captivating in-game worlds with little explanation of the backstory, which encourage players to explore.

It has gained a strong fanbase as soulslike games offer hardcore gamers a sense of progression, skill development and accomplishment via repeated playthroughs.

Many soulslike games tend to feature a dark fantasy setting accompanied with deep worldbuilding.

Key characteristics of Soulslike games:

  • high difficulty
  • Expect frequent player character death
  • Lost of currency or in-game resources when you die in-game
  • Stamina management and/or cooldowns for special moves
  • Deep worldbuilding
  • Vague storytelling that requires you to piece clues together to understand

Which type of gamers would love Soulslike games?

Soulslike games tend to attract players who are looking for a challenge and are willing to invest time and effort into mastering a game’s mechanics. They can be appealing to players who enjoy action games with deep combat systems, as well as those who enjoy exploring intricate and immersive worlds.

Those who like a challenge

Some players are drawn to the high level of difficulty in Soulslike games, as overcoming challenges can provide a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. These games often require careful planning, strategy, and patience, which can appeal to players who enjoy overcoming obstacles through persistence and skill.

Those who like games with complex worlds and lore

Soulslike games can also attract players who are interested in storytelling and lore, as they often feature rich and complex worlds with a deep mythology and a sense of mystery. Exploring these worlds and piecing together their stories can be a rewarding experience for players who enjoy narrative-driven games.

Some popular Soulslike games include:

  • Dark Souls
  • Elden Ring
  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty





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