What is the saddest storyline in Spiritfarer?

There’s no doubt that Spiritfarer will evoke those feels and maybe even trigger your tear ducts. 

I believe that each spirit that you come across in Spiritfarer have equally touching storylines. And the saddest one will always be the one who reminds you of someone you know personally.

While Stanley’s and Atul’s story were memorable, to me, the saddest storyline in Spiritfarer is Alice’s. 

She reminded me of my grandma who towards the end had a rough onset of dementia.

I’ve never cried because of a game, but Spiritfarer made me. I even took a break after I sent her off.

I won’t spoil each of the spirits’ story in this article, but here’s my ranking of the spirits’ storyline based on how sad they were:

  • Hard cry: Alice
  • Teared: Stanley, Beverly
  • Sad: Atul, Astrid, Giovanni, Gwen
  • It was nice to have met you: Gustav, Buck, Elena, Daria, Summer
  • Ok, bye: Bruce & Mickey, Jackie




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