Zelda ToTK: Great Sky Island Shrines

I know, it’s been about 17 days since The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was released. But no thanks to work, I’ve only just cleared the Great Sky Island and the tutorials 😔

Thought I should write notes between work tasks to keep the my spirits up.

So, here’s my notes from clearing the 4 Great Sky Island Shrines;

  • Ukouh Shrine (Ultrahand)
  • In-isa Shrine (Fuse)
  • Gutanbac Shrine (Ascend)
  • Nachoyah Shrine (Recall)

After the opening sequence, Link loses everything and has to restart his journey to Zelda. 

But first, he has to pick up some useful skills. And so, you jump off the cliff and end up in the Great Sky Island. 

Idk why they made me jump off the cliff for no reason or rhyme, I was stuck hesitating on the edge for too long. 

Anyway, this shouldn’t be considered a spoiler by now. But yes, there are 4 shrines. The fourth one only appears after we’ve cleared the first 3 visible shrines:

All Great Sky Island Shrine Locations in Tears of the Kingdom:

1) Ukouh Shrine (Ultrahand)

You’ll meet King Rauru who’ll be your guide. And you listen to his rambling because he gave you an arm replacement. 

The first skill he grants you at the nearest Shrine is Ultrahand. 


This ability allows you to lift selected items, moving them to solve puzzles along the way.

2) In-isa Shrine (Fuse)

Once you are done with the Ukouh Shrine, you’ll most likely head to the In-isa Shrine because it is more easily detectable from where you’re standing. 

Here, you’ll learn to use the Fuse ability.

Yes, the same ability that has got players building all sorts of weird weapons and contraptions:

3) Gutanbac Shrine (Ascend)

Next up, Gutanbac Shrine. This is where you’ll learn that going into an ice mountain without a top on kills you. 

Make some cold-resistance food by combining anything with some spicy peppers, and you can safely make it to this Shrine. Here, you’ll unlock to me, the weirdest (and most disgusting) skill ever – Ascend.

Basically, you can jump and ascend through ceilings to get to places above you. Sounds cool, but the animation made me feel like a mole and got me wondering what if there were some poop in the surfaces you ascend through?! (someone obviously played too much My Time at Portia)

Anyway, get through that tutorial Shrine, and you’ll get to ride your first glider. #exciting

4) Nachoyah Shrine (Recall)

Then you’ll head back to the Temple of Time where you’ll get the Recall ability.

You’ll also unlock the ability to teleport using Link’s Nintendo Switch Purah Pad:

You have to go back to the Room of Awakening, then use your newfound abilities to locate the Nachoyah Shrine. It’s actually quite obvious, so just look out for features that allow you to use your abilities.

Inside the shrine, you’ll explore different ways to use Recall. I’ve always struggled with Time abilities since BOTW, so this part took me a while.

And with this, we are done with the 4 Shrines of the Great Sky Island!

The illusion of an open world?

At this point, I’d also like to throw in some of my thoughts about the game.

Although it is said to be an open world, the tutorial area is damn well crafted. Most players would hit the shrines in the order listed above simply because of their relative accessibility. 

This means you will unconsciously get used to the controls and gain a better level of familiarity with the game mechanics that would make the game more enjoyable once you are out of the Great Sky Island (aka the tutorial). 

Compared with BOTW, this aspect of the game was very well planned. 

King Rauru, my Great Sky Island tour guide

Nintendo obviously has made plans to attract brand new players and consumers to its console and ecosystem with the succession of well executed campaigns from the Super Mario movie to the hyped up launch of TOTK.

They have also mentioned that although they are working on a new console, it would unlikely be out this financial year. 

So, hopefully their success with TOTK (having sold more than 130 million units worldwide) will carry sales.

Okay, enough chatter, now I can’t wait to start cracking into the game! 🎮





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